Turning Designs into Products

With over 25 years experience we are proud of the long standing relationships we have with major brands.

“Kandoo are the ideal development partner; obliging, responsive and reliable with good quality products at competitive prices. It’s a pleasure to work with them.”

The Conair Group Ltd

Bag Manufacture

Our partner factory is WCA Audited and approved by major brands such as GHD and L’Oreal. It is situated in Shenzhen , only 2 hours from Hong Kong / China border.

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Premium Metalwork

Our partner factory holds ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001 certification and is approved by major drinks brand companies. It is situated in Dongguan, about 2 hours from the Hong Kong / China border.

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Bespoke Sourcing

We have long term relationships with all the factories we use and have a minimum of a WCA Audit. They are regularly checked by our team in China to ensure that standards are maintained.

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Why work with us

Ethical Trading

We continually work with our partner factories to ensure that we are socially compliant and are regularly audited by Intertek to validate our WCA certificates.

Furthermore, we regularly travel to China to ensure these standards are maintained at all times, giving assistance and solutions to areas that may be difficult to achieve.  Our open door policy allows any worker to voice any concern they may have and bring it to top management at any time.  Our reward to this policy is that we have very little staff turnover in all our partner factories.

We welcome all our clients to visit our sites for factory inspections and take these occasions as an opportunity to show you the unique working relationships we have with our partners in the Kandoo family.

Years of Experience

The business has been trading for over 25 years and most of our staff have been with us for more than 10 years.  As well as dedicated project managers and designers in the UK, we have an amazing team on the ground in China who have a vast knowledge and experience of all the products we produce and all the logistical difficulties we may encounter.

Environmentally Aware

We are members of Ecovadis and regularly attend seminars and training to update our environment awareness.  We work very close with our partner factories to ensure they are responsibly dealing with any chemicals and the disposal of them.  We encourage our clients to use recyclable fabrics and are always on the look out for eco friendly materials and processes.

We work closely with Micropak to ensure that your products are protected in an environmentally responsible way and have actively moved away from single use plastics and silica gel, replacing them with natural based products that are bio degradable.

Great Customer Service

We are very proud of our reputation with our clients, who appreciate our superb customer service whether it be to meet an important deadline or deal with a problem with a shipment.  We react very quickly to any issue and find ways to sort out the problem.  We will also point out any potential risk for a design and work with the customers to ensure this is mitigated or avoided by changing an element.

Attention to Detail

We appreciate that every project , no matter how big or small is very important to our clients and we give every project the attention and commitment it deserves.  We work closely with the client and the factory to produce a product that everyone is proud of.

We will look at every aspect of the project from the design to the  packing to ensure that your vision is created and delivered.

Bilingual Project Managers

Our on the ground project managers are bi-lingual making communication easy and ensuring a full understanding of enquiries and order requirements.